Paris Notre Dame, south rose window

This extrordinary window has undergone a number of changes during its 700 or so year history. In 1250 Jean died, having started the south transept. His place was taken by Pierre de Montreuil who as a tribute to his dead colleague had the inscription carved which has given us the exact date of 1260. However it was necessary to rebuild it 1726 (work carried out by Boffrand) and again in 1840, at which time Violet le Duc rotated the structure so that the tracery between two petals lay on the vertical axis. The north and west roses both have a petal on the axis. Both transept windows at Notre Dame follow the Rayonnant style that had emerged at St Denis.

After rebuiding the stonework in the 1840s Viollet le Duc arranged for the glasswork to be repaired, cleaned and missing panels replaced by the studio. This operation turned out to be something of a surprise, for the glazier replaced some of the original panels (the angels round the exterior and the Wise Virgins and some f the Apostles) whilst inserting some earlier panels from the twelfth century with the Legend of St Matthew; other foreign thirteenth century panels in the glaziers collection that found their way into the window include nos. 11, 57, 61, 80 and 85.

(source CVMA volume for Notre Dame)

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1. Modern
2. St James
3. A Saint-Bishop
4. A Saint-Martyr
5. A Deacon-Martyr
6. A Saint-Archbishop
7. An Apostle
8. A Saint-Deacon
9. An Apostle
10. A King
11. The Judgement of Solomon
12. An Apostle
13. An Apostle
14. A Bishop
15. St Eustache
16. St Pothin
17. St Laurent
18. Apostle
19. St Adrian
20. A Saint Bishop
21. St Andrew
22. St Denis
23. An Apostle
24. St Margaret
25. A Saint Bishop
26. A Saint-Knight
27. St Paul
28. A Saint-Martyr
29. St George
30. A Saint-Bishop
31. St Blandine
32. An Apostle
33. An Apostle
34. A Saint-Deacon
35. A Saint Bishop
36. An Apostle
37. An Apostle
38. A Saint-Martyr
39. A Wise Virgin
40. A Wise Virgin
41. St. Matthew Legend scene
42. A Saint-Martyr
43. St. Matthew Legend scene
44. A Wise Virgin
45. St. Matthew Legend scene
46. A Saint-Martyr
47. St. Matthew Legend scene
48. A Saint-Martyr
49. St. Matthew Legend scene
50. A Wise Virgin
51. St. Matthew Legend scene
52. A Saint-Martyr
53. St. Matthew Legend scene
54. A Wise Virgin
55. St. Matthew Legend scene
56. A Saint-Martyr
57. The Annunciation
58. A Saint-Martyr
59. A Wise Virgin
60. A Saint-Martyr
61. A Legend scene
62. Saint-Martyr
63. Angel with crown
64. Angel with censer
65. Angel with incense
66. Angel with candle
67. Angel with crown
68. St. Matthew Legend scene
69. Angel with candle
70. Angel with censer
71. Angel with censer
72. Angel with crown
73. Angel with candle
74. Angel with censer
75. Angel with candle
76. Angel with crown
77. Angel with crown
78. Angel with crown
79. Angel with crown
80. Flight into Egypt
81. Angel with candle
82. Angel with censer
83. Angel with crown
84. Angel with crown
85. Healing of the Paralytic
86. Modern
87. Modern