The Relics of the Passion

16 Decorative
21 Decorative
33-36 modern
44 St Louis with the True Cross
45 A procession
46 - 47 A procession goes to receive the relics
56 m
57 m
58 A bishop and a monk place the relics on the altar
59 The people worshipping the relics
68 The king's envoys purchase the relics
69 m
70 The king and the queen
71 Display of the Crown of Thorns
72-74 m
75 ? The Palais Royale at Paris
84 St Louis and Robert d'Artois carrying relics
85 m
86 The clergy and people form a cortege
87 ? The Crown of Thorns displayed at Sens
96 The relics carried solemnly in France
97 The relics presented to the king
98 St Louis and Robert d'Artois carry the relics to Sens
99 m
100 St Louis' envoys sent to Constantinople (or Venice?)
101 The relics are transported by horse to Venice
102 Four priests go to Constantinople
103 m
112-115 m
124 ? Heraclius before the miraculous sealed gate at Jerusalem
125 ?Heraclius returns to Jerusalem with the Cross
126 m
127 Heraclius seizes the Persian capital
128 Croesus, king of the Persians, devastates Jerusalem
129 Croesus brings relics from Jerusalem
130 m
131 Heraclius fights against Croesus' son
143 Guiriace advised by an angel (from a St Helen series?)
140-143 m
152-171 m

(m=modern; pm=partly modern)