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Over 30,000 photographs of ancient stained glass panels at over 500 locations

The Bible in stained glass click here

New sites / Updates: Civray, Champigny, Selestat,Vatteville, Duclaire, Niederhaslach, Loches, Troyes:St-Parres-aux-Tertres, Boran, Arcis, Auxon, Brienne-le-Chateau, Brienne-le-Vielle, Ceffonds, Chavanges, Creney, Toul St Gengoult, Dienville, Dreux cathedral, Gerandot, Hampigny, Herbisse, Lentilles, Les-Riceys St Pierre, Les-Riceys St Vincent, Lhuitre, Mazieres-les-Brienne, Nogent-s-Seine, Poivres, Pont-Ste-Marie, Rosnay
Troyes, St Andre, Troyes, St Germain, Troyes, St Jean aux Marches, Troyes, St Martin es Vignes, Troyes, St-Savine, Verrieres, Villemoiron, Villenauxe

Nov 2014 - now with 1300 rose windows in a reorganised section

5000 non-stained glass photographs: click here

sculpture, mosaics, cosmati, tiles, churches, wall paintings, chateaux, gardens, paintings, Rome


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