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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 13 Delaport 41)

The story of St Stephen and his relics

Background detail


23. Stephen's soul ascends to heaven


21.The body is carried to Constantinople


22. .. the archbishops meets it

19. The ship with Stephen's body ...


20 ... nears land


18. Devils whip up a storm


17. The king with


15. The shrine of Stephen is embarked

14. The woman removes the body from Jerusalem


16. A demon urges the king to burn the vessel with the body


13. The tomb contains 2 coffins


11. Stephen is put in the coffin


12. A woman begs to take husband's body to Constantinople

9. They prepare to stone S


10. The stoning


8. S is cast out of the city


6. S before the Sanhedrin


7. S sees the heavens open

4. An angel guides S as he disputes ...

 3. Stephen between 2 Apostles

5. .... with the crowds

1. Donors: shoemakers

2. Donors: shoemakers