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Chartres Cathedral

w. 30b (Delaport 13)


The Life of St Anthony and St Paul Anchorite

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20. Anthony gives his cloak to a disciple


21. Anthony's death and elevation of his soul


19. Anthony watches two lions digging at the grave of St Paul


17. Anthony prays at body of Paul


18. Anthony watches Paul's soul ascending

16. A bird fees Anthony and Paul

15. Anthony reading in his cell


13. 2 demons attack Anthony


14. Anthony carried back to his hermitage



  12. Anthony fallen over; 2 witnesses



 10. Anthony talking to a man


11. Anthony attacked by demons


 8. Anthony tempted by a demon


 9. A demon talks with Anthony

 6. Anthony listens to the teachings of a hermit


7. Anthony digging in front of his hermitage


 5. Anthony presents his sister to two nuns


 3. St Anthony & sister enter a church


 4. Anthony distributes bread to the poor

 1. Donors: fishmongers




2.Donors: fishmongers