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Rouen Cathedral w.23 The St Julian Hospitaller window; c.1220 - 30


 34 Christ in Glory


31 angel

32 They resist and go to heaven

33 angel

 28 The devil joins him.....

29 and crosses the river.....

30 ...and tries to seduce his wife

  25 Christ joins him as he returns

 26 His wife awaits them

 27 Christ speaks with them

 22 He leaves his bed each night....

23 .... and crosses the river

 24 ....where he meets Christ

19 He leaves to do penance.....

 20 ......and founds a hospital

21 He becomes a ferryman

16 .....they sleep in Julian's bed

 17 Julian returns and kills them

 18 his wife explains what he has done

13 Julian is asleep in his tent

14 His parents look for him

15 ....his wife welcomes them

10 His master dies

 11 Julian marries...

 12 .....and then goes off to war

7 (Julian on horseback)

  8 Julian works in service

 9 His master falls ill

4 Julian's childhood

  5 he is told he wil kill his parents

 6 He avoids them by going away

1 The fishmongers

 2 The fishmongers

 3 The fishmongers

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008