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 8 Saul & Stephen's stoning

 16 a carpenter

 24 Stephen with his accusers

 32 Stephen preaching

 7 The death of St Catherine

 15 Baptist goes to the desert

 23 ... a church

 31 St Sever's hermitage

 6 St Catherine's wheel

 14 Vocation of apostles?

 22 Donors - masons building...

 30 St Stephen's accusers

 5 The Emperor & philosophers

 13 Salome asks for the head

 21 Butcher puts corpses in cellar

 29 John Baptist audience

 4 the Mass of St Sever

 12 "Behold the Lamb of God"

 20 Youths arrive at butcher's door

 28 scene from life John Evang.

 3 The Empress & Porphyrus

 11 Jesus & J. Baptist's disciples

19 Death of a bishop

 27 John Baptist preaching

 2 St Nicholas revives 3 boys

 10 Imprisoment of John Baptist

18 John Baptist's audience

 26 the leather workers?

 1 The death of Porphyrus

9 John Baptist sends disciples

17 John Baptist's circumcision

25 Donor giving window

C15 scenes St John Baptist and St Mary Magdalene

Rouen Cathedral

Window 53

c.1200, c.1220-30

1468-69 (lower panels)

One of the 'Belles Verrieres'

With the window next door (51) this window dates from c.1270 and incorporates material from the earlier nave and aisles of the cathedral; these include scenes from the lives of St Catherine and St Nicholas again, as well as St John Baptist and St Stephen.

C15 scenes St John Baptist and St Mary Magdalene