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Introduction to the Archive

This pilot web site shows 48 locations from an intial 60 that are under construction, a number of which are complete. The focus is on glass before c.1320 but photographs of later windows that have already been taken are also being displayed.

At this stage the purpose of the Archive is only to display windows and panels together with an identification of the subject matter and to give some dates. However, as the project evolves it is hoped that more basic information and bibliographic references on each window will also be given.

Most of the photographs on the site are digital and are displayed in low resolution, although some are scans of transparencies. Many of them are available in high resolution by contacting Painton Cowen at

At the present state of the evolution of the website some of the pictures are not completely satisfactory at low resolution, but this will change as higher resolution files are substituted. Likewise, not all of the windows have been photographed at some of the sites but will be completed when possible. Errors are also being gradually eliminated as they are encountered.

The present search option is an interim solution and will eventually be superceded by an easier to use method.

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