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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 14 (Delaport 27)


St Nicholas




 24. A child falls into the sea with offering to Nicholas


25. and is returned to his parents by Nichlas

 23. Nicholas brings them back to life


 21. The inkeeper and the three boys

22. He kills them in their sleep

 18. The Christian is run over by a chariot


20. A Jew curses the statue of Nicholas

 19. Baptism of the Jew

 16. A Jew loans a Christian; statue of N


17. The Christian gives the Jew a stick (with money!)

14. N leaves town with a cleric


15. Emptying wheat into a boat

 13. Consecration of Nicholas

 11. The clerics find him


12. N before an altar with an open book

 9. N before a church


10. two clerics summon N


8. N pays to release three young girls from prostitution

6. N refuses to be breastfed

7. N at school

4. Birth of Nicholas (modern)


5. Bath of Nicholas (modern)


3. Angels (modern)


1. Angels (modern)


2. Angels (modern)