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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 16 (Delaport 26)


St Margaret & St Catherine

This window in 2006 is as per the coloured picture (R). Some of the panels have been reversed since the 1920s. In the CV book they are reversed

22. Catherine is beheaded

21. The queen is buried

19. The emperor (and demon) sentece Catherine to death

20. The queen is martyred

17. The emperor sacrifices the idols

18. The wheel breaks as Catherine prays

16. The converted queen visits Catherine

15. Christ gives the eucharist to Catherine in prison

14. Torturing Catherine

13. Two angels carry the souls of the martyrs

11. Maxence, inspired by a devil gives orders to the torturers

12. The torturer pushes the philosophers into the flames

9. Maxence and the pagan philosophers

10. Catherine inspired by an angel responds

7. St Catherine before the emperor Maxence (note dove)

8. A torturer throws St Catherine into prison

5. Olybrius delivers Margaret to torturers

6. Margaret decapitated

3. St Margaret & angel with the dragon that had devoured her

4. St Margaret & angel fight a demon

1. Donor: Margaret de Leves in front of a statue of the Virgin and Christ Child

2. Donors: Geoffroy de Meslay & Guerin de Friaze