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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 18 (Delaport 25)


St Thomas Becket

 24-25. The infirm gather at Thomas Becket's shrine

 22-23. Thomas Becket is attacked in front of the altar

19. Becket with his future murderers

20. Becket goes to Canterbury

21. The murderers gather

 17. Henry II with another bishop

18. Becket resented to the king

 15. Becket with the Pope and French king

16. Becket sails for England

12. Becket with monks at Pontigny

13. Becket with 3 companions

14. French king with Becket

10. Becket goes into exile in France

11. Becket with Pope Alexander III

  8. Becket consecrated bishop

9. A devil counsels Henry II

1. Donor: the tanners

2. Donor: the tanners

3. Donor: the tanners

6. Becket (?) with a king

7. Becket (?) and friend arrive at a town

4. Becket (?) and an armed man

5. Becket's family (?) being chased